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sheppard_daily's Journal

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John Sheppard daily
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W H A T   I S   S H E P P A R D - D A I L Y ?

sheppard_daily is a community for sharing of things relating to the Stargate Atlantis character Lt. Col. John Sheppard, or Joe Flanigan, the talented actor who plays him.

W H A T   I S   W E L C O M E . . .

- Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Any pictures. Even if you're sure they've been seen a hundred times already, there can never be enough of a good thing. That said, while pictures are still very much encouraged, unlike most other dailies they are NOT A REQUIREMENT. If you have something else that you feel is stronge enough to stand on its own, just go ahead and post without a picture. "You must post a picture with every post" has been one of the biggest constraints put in place with regards to dailies and one I'm seeking to remove in this daily.
- Video or audio clips. These can be anything from episode clips to interviews (example: Joe Flanigan talking about his work playing Sheppard, on Atlantis, etc.)
- Icons, wallpapers, graphics, and layouts. All welcome as long as they have a John Sheppard/Joe Flanigan theme.
- News and interview links. Hook us up.

W H A T   I S   N O T . . .

- Fan-fiction. There are plenty of communities on LiveJournal dedicated to this already.
- Episode or film downloads. Might have flown in the past, however still illegal and could potentially get this community shut down. So no more.


- Hotlinking = BAD. I would think this goes without saying but there are the occassional few who prove me wrong.
- No huge images outside the cut. If it's wide enough to break the layout, then it's too big to be outside the cut.
- No more than two pictures outside the cut.
- If it is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) then it goes under a cut with a suitable warning; if you are unsure if it falls into this category, place it under a cut with a suitable warning. Better safe than sorry.
- Always credit your source, where applicable.
- If you have something questionable you think might be of interest but you are unsure whether or not it should be posted, hold off on posting it and email me first.
- Personal attacks, attacks on actors and their families, and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.
- Flaming, trolling or causing wank will earn you a ban from this community.
- The decision of the maintainer is final.

S P O I L E R   P O L I C Y

Any caps from S4 episodes or promo reels should all be placed under the cut, especially if they are from episodes as yet to air.

M O D S   C O R N E R

Email me [Jewelz] if you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions.

O T H E R   D A I L I E S



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