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John Sheppard daily
13th-Aug-2011 09:19 pm - join stargateland
Captain Amefrica- Bucky 2
If you are looking for something new and are missing talking about your favourite episodes,
come join us in stargateland an interactive community for all Stargate fans.
Team SG1, SGA and SGU are calling for you!


If you enjoy graphics, writing, puzzles, games... or any of the above, come join today!
As you can tell, my speciality isn't graphics.....but it's fun all the same :D
4th-Feb-2011 11:07 pm - 2 Wallpapers
Here, at my livejournal
28th-Aug-2010 03:42 pm - multifandom post of wallpapers
mckay did it
Supernatural [30]
J/D J/G wedding [2]
Danneel Harris [2]

SGA [6]
The Vampire Diaries [10]
Alex O´Loughlin [3]
Christian Kane [2]
Shades of life [2]
Kitty [1]
David Boreanaz [1]
Michael Weatherly [1]
Cory Monteith [1]


more here @ zizi_svk
12th-Jul-2010 05:37 pm - JS icons and a wallpaper
A few John Sheppard icons (01-09) and a wallpaper


The rest is here
You can find more JS icons in my previous posts on my lj
28th-Jun-2010 01:18 pm - Ascended John Sheppard!
Hey, I'm looking for some fics of John Sheppard who's either ancient, ascended, or ancient who descended. Don't care, just has to do somewhat with those.
I've already looked at some fics of that particular theme and loved 'em, so if y'all could point me to some others it'd be great!
p.s. i don't care if it's gen, slash, or het. :)
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